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Apr 12 2019

Craftsman House Plans for Narrow Lots

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Craftsman-style homes continue to be among the
most popular home styles in America, and the market for craftsman house plans to accommodate the
demand is robust. Craftsman houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from
modest bungalows to ‘American foursquares,’ each with its own unique
architectural and design elements. Due to ever-increasing construction and
utilities costs, coupled with increased consideration of environmental impact,
many homeowners are particularly interested in craftsman house plans for narrow
building lots.

The craftsman house plan is rooted in the 19th
century arts & crafts movement, which initiated in Great Britain before
taking hold in the United States. The arts & crafts movement was largely a
rejection of the mass-production ethos born from the Industrial Revolution and
was an attempt to return to artisanal, hand-crafted goods–including homes.

With their low-pitched roofs, overhanging eaves,
large front porches with tapered pillars and extensive use of natural materials
both inside and out, craftsman homes represented a break with the monolithic
construction practices of the mid to late 19th century. This similar desire
among homeowners in current times to own a home that isn’t a cookie-cutter
version of every other home in the neighborhood has led to a renewed clamoring
for craftsman house plans.

As mentioned above, there is an especially
strong demand these days for craftsman house plans for narrow lots. One reason
is economic: It is typically cheaper to purchase a smaller, narrow lot than a
larger piece of property. Also, homes built on narrow lots are usually smaller
in total square footage, reducing the cost of building materials and future
maintenance. Smaller homes also typically incur lower utility bills.

Another financial benefit to craftsman homes is
their high-quality construction, charming appearance and straightforward design
means they generally hold their resale value when the time comes to sell. Some
reasons for this are that craftsman house plans make good use of natural light,
they have open floor plans that feel larger than they actually are and often
have high ceilings, which furthers the feeling that the home is bigger than it

Beyond the financial reasons to build a
craftsman home, environmental reasons also loom large. Many people, especially
millennial first-time homeowners, are attracted to city life and want to take
advantage of urban infill building opportunities rather than moving to the
suburbs. This helps reduce sprawl and also helps stabilize urban neighborhoods.
Narrow-lot homes also typically suffer less heat loss, offering greater energy
efficiency, and because the lots are smaller, less lawn maintenance needed.
Because these style homes have been popular for decades, a craftsman house plan
used to build a brand new home will look and feel right at home next to houses
built generations ago.

Craftsman-style homes have endured through multiple
housing trends through the years because of their high quality, easy
liveability, and timeless architectural style. As more Americans look to build
new homes in urban areas, keeping both economic and environmental factors top
of mind, there are numerous craftsman house plans designed for narrow lots
available to choose from. With so many options to choose from and unique design
elements to consider, there is sure to be an option that meets your family’s

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Apr 12 2019

Ranch House Plans with Walkout Basement

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Ranch house plans are consistently the most
desired home type among American homeowners. After all, the ranch style home
was invented in the United States, and with their low-pitch roof lines and
attached garages, they have become a singularly identifiable part of the
American landscape.

Ranch house plans with walkout basements are
especially popular, as they provide many features and benefits typically
associated with multi-story homes while still containing the main living space
to one floor.

Many people desire to own a home that is
stylish, easy to maintain, unobtrusive and affordable. Ranch house plans check
all these boxes and then some. Ranch homes come in an almost endless variety of
layouts, so there is sure to be a plan to suit every homeowner. Ranch homes can
be built using many types of materials, suitable to the homeowner’s preferred
aesthetic. Some exterior materials, such as vinyl siding, also reduce the
amount of time and money needed for ongoing maintenance.

One advantage that multi-story houses have over
ranches is that they often provide more living space than ranches. However,
ranch house plans that incorporate walkout basements can reduce or even
eliminate this disparity. A walkout basement provides additional, functional
living space by providing an additional entrance, generally on the back side of
the home. There are several reasons to consider a walkout basement option with
your ranch house plan. A walkout basement provides easier access to the
backyard and opens up opportunities for outdoor living and entertaining space
such as a patio, outdoor dining area, or a swimming pool.

A ranch house plan with walkout basement naturally
lends itself to adding a deck to the main living space, particularly when
building on sloped lots, extending the outdoor usability of the home and often
providing for spectacular views. A main-level deck also provides additional
shade and shelter to the backyard area.

A walkout basement provides additional living space,
which can be used for adult children or an aging parent living in the home,
giving them a separate entrance and a degree of added privacy. This space can
also be used for a children’s play area, a recreation area or ‘man cave,’ a
home theater–the options are endless.

Ranch house plans with walkout basements make
practical sense because they usually improve resale value of the home by
providing more living space. With the foundation walls exposed on one or more sides,
full-size windows can be used, which provide lots of natural light and makes
the space warmer and more inviting.

Ranch homes are the quintessential American home
type and are likely to remain among the most popular of home styles for many
years to come. Due of this tremendous popularity, each individual is certain to
find the ranch house plan that best meets their living arrangement needs.

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Apr 01 2019

Who Needs a Vacation? An Array of Vacation House Plans

house plans.One would think that
the name says it all. However, this group of house plans presents great choices
for a weekend getaway home as well as thoughtful options for rental property,
in-law or guest cottages, or simplifying an empty nest. Additionally, vacation
house plans come in a variety of shapes and architectural styles making them
suitable for any terrain or landscape from waterfront to mountaintop to city
street. Below are a few designs to get you thinking about what type of vacation
home (or in-law cottage) is right for you.

062H-0122: For the warm weather lovers, relax at the beach with this nifty beach house plan. There is a welcoming porch where you can sit and enjoy warm breezes, but the interior should not be neglected. A vaulted ceiling over the open living area creates a spaciousness feel.  Storage space abounds. Two bedrooms provide walk-in closets. The kitchen has a pantry, while there is a closet for linens and another for coats or better yet flip-flops. Under the house is space for parking and a storage closet for beach balls, chairs and surf boards.

Vacation house plan 062H-0122

032H-0005: This rustic mountain getaway packs a wallop of usable interior space. The second floor includes two bedrooms plus lots of storage for managing all of life’s extras. On the main level, find another bedroom, a full bath, and the open living spaces. While meals are being prepared in the kitchen, the rest of the family can warm themselves in front of a cozy fireplace.  Lots of windows, a deck and a second-floor balcony will deliver unforgettable views. So pack up the kids or invite your friends for a fun and exciting getaway.

Vacation House Plan 032H-0005

034H-0227: Here’s a modern-style vacation house plan for city living. It is suitable for weekend getaways in urban areas, but it’s compact design makes a nice option for an in-law suite as well. Notice the welcoming front porch and carport with storage closet. In back find a patio perfect for grilling, entertaining and relaxing. Inside, the open living space features vaulted ceilings, built-ins and a fireplace. Two bedrooms share a Jack and Jill bath and a laundry closet offers convenience. 

Vacation House Plan 034H-0227

Please browse our entire collection of vacation house plans for more ideas.

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Feb 28 2019

Landscaping Ideas for Your New Home – The House Plan Shop

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Building a
new house is an exciting experience for you and your family, but you need to
consider your yard and landscaping as well. You can transform that uninviting
patch of dirt into an amazing outdoor space that your family will enjoy for
years to come. Now is a good time to let your imagination run wild since you
are starting from scratch. Consider your current and future needs, and if you will
need professional help; it’s available at every step.

When determining
the size of your lawn, think about how much open space you’d like to have before
crowding yourself out with flowers, trees and shrubs. It would be unfortunate
not to have a nice level space for playing washers or catch, or to place a
swing set for the kids.

The lawn
itself, whether sodded or seeded, will need daily watering until it’s
established. Whatever watering system you use, consider buying a rain gauge to
ensure you lawn receives the necessary amount of water to grow and thrive.

Shrubs or
hedges can be used to create boundaries as can flower beds. Until those well-placed
trees mature and create their shady canopy, explore other options for shade
like a trellis, arbor or pergola.  

This would also
be a good time to add visual features like koi ponds, waterfalls or
fountains.  Most likely, you will already
have underground pipes and lines marked so you won’t hit something when

Koi Pond

If you want to
had hardscapes to your yard, take some time to consider concrete benches,
stepping stones, and statues. With that open dirt lot, placing items that may
need foundations or leveling will be a lot easier than digging up an
established lawn. 

Although it may
seem like a huge task, a little preplanning will hopefully curb those “coulda,
woulda, shoulda“ moments that come later. Even if they do, by then you will be
a seasoned homeowner, an amateur landscaper and master gardener and you will know
how to deal with it.     

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Jan 28 2019

New Multi-Family House Plans to Explore – The House Plan Shop

The House
Plan Shop continuously adds new multi-family house plans to our website. Take
some time to learn about a few of our newest duplex plans.

031M-0082 – This duplex house plan is a very appealing house plan for two families. Park in the two-car garage and enter through the laundry room, which points the way to the kitchen in this open design. Enjoy chilly nights in front of the family room fireplace, then head upstairs to bed.  Besides the master bedroom, there are two secondary bedrooms. Truly a floor plan to suit the needs of any family, times two.

Multi-Family House Plan 031M-0082
Multi-Family House Plan 031M-0082

051M-0021 – This Craftsman plan presents two impressive units, each over 1400 square feet, and each with a front entry one-car garage. The open floor plan features a vaulted ceiling in the living and dining areas and in the master bedroom which is located on the main level. Well-spaced patios in back allow each family a bit of privacy when outdoors. Two sizeable secondary bedrooms upstairs share a full bath. A handsome exterior with definite curb appeal will draw tenants in, and the beautiful interior will make them stay.

Multi-Family House Plan 051M-0021
Multi-Family House Plan 051M-0021

062M-0002Here’s a multi-family plan that presents appealing attributes that will assure its occupancy. The main level offers a comfortable living room followed by the kitchen with a snack bar and dining area. Access the half bath from the living room and the laundry from the kitchen. All the bedrooms are located on the second floor. Equal in size, the bedrooms each have a full bath and a walk-in closet. This configuration will serve families with older children well and appeal to college students or any adults desiring to share living spaces with roommates.

Multi-Family House Plan 062M-0002
Multi-Family House Plan 062M-0002

051M-0024 – This duplex house plan is so attractive that one must look closely to realize that it is not a single residence. The kitchen features a snack bar in this open floor plan that can be used to pass dishes to the dining room. Upstairs the owners’ suite and two secondary bedrooms reside in peace and quiet. With the garages located at the back of the plan, each unit is privileged to possess a very private side patio.

Multi-Family House Plan 051M-0002
Multi-Family House Plan 051M-0002

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